What I do


Craft strategic brand identities and visual systems, both online and offline.


Explore & Uncover

Phase one is driven by curiosity. I question, research, seek insights, and collect information that can help bring clarity to the brand strategy, which then guides my creative process.

Embrace & Articulate

Information is then broken down into smaller parts to be organized, analyzed, and challenged to be fluent and coherent. From here, we build a story that resonates.

Design & Discover

The creative phase is all about playing and experimenting with visuals, colours, and typography. I outline a mood and a scalable functional system, setting the stage for the final phase.

Develop & Deploy

This is when it all comes to life through talent sourcing, digital and physical production, and execution. Bringing the right elements together creates fertile ground for the brand to grow.


Brand strategy & design / Web & digital / Consulting / Verbal identity / Logo design / Art direction / Creative direction / Production / Packaging / Talent sourcing / Project management.