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Athens, Greece

Abillama realty opens a luxury real estate brokerage firm in Athens

Abillama Realty is a distinguished brokerage firm focusing on acquiring and transforming luxury properties in Greece. By leveraging its extensive network of local associates and collaborating with preeminent architecture and design partners, the firm is committed to actualizing clients’ aspirations of owning a dream home.

The Abillama family’s strong foundation in real estate development, architecture, facility management, and construction brings unparalleled expertise to the forefront. Their esteemed lineage is underscored by their involvement in prestigious international real estate projects, which have been spearheaded by the renowned architect Raëd Abillama.

Launch site

Our objective was to preserve the essence of the original family crest, which prominently features a lion, while simultaneously producing something fresh. Our approach involved integrating the lion with a simple arch design inspired by traditional Lebanese architecture. The finished product was complemented with a sleek serif font and a corresponding pattern design.

The blue coloration used in the emblem was drawn from the original lion, while the earth tone was selected in tribute to one of the Abillama family’s longstanding mountain residences.