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Strategy / Logo & visual design


Abillama Realty / Real estate broker


Athens, Greece

Abillama realty opens a luxury real estate brokerage firm in Athens

Abillama is a real estate brokerage firm specializing in exclusive properties in Greece and offering services to turn them into dream homes. They achieve this through their network of local associates and world-class architecture and design partners.

Real estate development, architecture, facility management, and construction are at the core of Abillama’s expertise. The Abillama family has a long history of being associated with prestigious global real estate projects led by renowned architect Raëd Abillama.

Our goal was to maintain the essence of the original family emblem, the lion, while also creating something new. We incorporated the lion with a simple arch inspired by traditional Lebanese architecture. We paired this with a sophisticated serif font and designed a complementary pattern.

The blue colour was inspired by the original lion, and the earth tone was derived from one of the Abillama family’s traditional mountain homes.