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Logo & visual design / Web design


Pursuit Bio / Biotech


San Fransisco, USA

Pursuit bio design pitch

Pursuit Bio is a startup that uses machine learning and genetics to discover cures for genetic diseases.

They have developed a platform for research and drug development and partner with top pharmaceutical companies to create therapeutics. Pursuit Bio’s primary source of income is from the subscription fee charged to pharmaceutical companies for using their platform and tools, which they offer under a white label.

The word “pursuit” implies a quest or search for something, which aligns with the company’s mission to find answers and solutions to genetic diseases.

Everything begins with a question, and the pursuit of answers is a journey. It is essential to keep the question in focus to find the best answer. The logo for Pursuit Bio incorporates the letters “p” and “b,” representing pieces of the puzzle.

The visual identity of Pursuit Bio in this second option is built upon the concept of setting a goal and working towards it. The goal is always the main focus as various elements come together. The logo, which incorporates the letters “p” and “b,” is designed to be precise, scalable, and inspired by molecular networks and DNA structures.