Bright quote website


Web design


Demand IQ / Renewable enegy


Colorado, USA

Bright quote website by Demand IQ

Demand IQ is a software solution that helps solar companies increase their digital marketing effectiveness by turning website clicks into booked appointments with utility bills entirely online. It uses Google Project Sunroof and its proprietary AI technology to interact with homeowners and provide them with personalized solar savings information instantly.

Solar companies using Demand IQ can generate exclusive leads, improve their marketing performance, and have greater control over their lead generation process. I have worked with Demand IQ on various design projects, including designing a website that streamlines the transition to solar power. Bright Quote’s website allows users to quickly obtain instant quotes from the top solar providers in their region.

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I collaborated closely with the head of product and UX writer at Demand IQ to design a website that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Vida Lamakani did all illustrations.