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Fresno, California

NovaCura Oncology opens it's first urgent care facility in Fresno

Facing a significant challenge, immunocompromised patients undergoing cancer treatments often encounter high risk of infections in emergency rooms and urgent care centers. The struggle to receive the specialized care they necessitate and the mental strain associated with visiting such facilities add to their ordeal.

In response to this pressing issue, NovaCura emerges as an innovative solution. Conceived by esteemed Oncologists, NovaCura is more than just an urgent care facility—a haven explicitly designed for cancer survivors amidst treatment. This contemporary facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and manned by highly skilled medical professionals adept at delivering specialized care in a tranquil and secure environment.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the consulting firm responsible for establishing the center. Our joint efforts spanned the entire gamut of brand strategy and design, literally building it from scratch. Together, we carved out a strategy that encapsulated and delineated the business’s essence.

The five guiding words are a compass for maintaining the NovaCura Oncology brand’s direction in all our endeavours.

A monogram represents a distinctive symbol or design consisting of one or more letters, which, in this case, are derived from a company’s name. By creatively and stylishly merging the initials, a unique and easily identifiable emblem is formed.

This strategic blueprint then served as the foundation for translating the brand into its website.

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