Celsius cold water immersion


Strategy / Brand design / Copywriting


Celsius / Wellness


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Celsius is opening a cold water immersion facility

CELSIUS is located in Abu Dhabi and specializes in providing the best cold water immersion solutions for athlete recovery. The ultimate goal of this facility is to promote the numerous benefits of cold water immersion and encourage its usage among the wider community.

As this innovative technique gains more recognition on the global stage, I was privileged to be a part of this project from its inception. Collaborating closely with the founder, I developed the brand and visual design elements to bring his unique vision to life. Presently, CELSIUS is operating in a pop-up format, appearing at various sporting events throughout Abu Dhabi.

To effectively connect with our intended audience, we carefully pinpointed two distinct groups of individuals and identified the unique benefits that cold water immersion could offer each. Moreover, we developed four core pillars that would serve as the foundation for our brand: People, Simplicity, Quality, and Collaboration. These pillars were thoughtfully selected as they are pivotal to the brand’s overall success and align with its mission.

Celsius utilizes the best and most hygienic cold water immersion system from Finland. Their mobile units allow them to deliver high-quality cold recovery to any event all year round.