Mavii – Traiteur et Comptoir


Strategy / Logo & visual design / Copywriting


Mavii / Food catering


Montreal, Canada

Mavii aquires a new location and starts building a new brand

As people become increasingly health-conscious and seek out diverse, delicious food options, the demand for a reliable, high-quality catering service that can meet these needs anytime, anywhere is growing.

Mavii is a corporate catering service and food counter that offers a wide variety of freshly made dishes from around the world. All the food is prepared in-house daily with care and attention to detail, using a process informed by family values and two decades of experience.

For the past 20 years, Mavii has consistently provided high-quality, homemade food that caters to a wide range of tastes. This has resulted in a diverse menu that offers comfort and convenience to their customers.

The team at Mavii strives to make every dish a source of happiness and aims to be the go-to corporate catering service in Montreal with the most diverse food offering. They are committed to satisfying every food craving with freshly made dishes that are easy to order.

After exploring several concepts, we decided on a geometric logo inspired by a napkin incorporating Mavii’s initials.

One of the challenges we faced was finding a French descriptor that captures the idea of a catering business with a customer-facing food counter.

Yellow and red are commonly used colors in food branding due to their ability to grab attention and stimulate appetite. In the case of Mavii, we chose colors that are similar to yellow and red but are more muted to convey a sense of complexity in flavor and overall appearance.