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Montreal, Canada

Poros shipping agencies uplifts their visual identity after twenty years

Since 1986, Poros Shipping Agencies have been fueling the growth and success of their clients by offering tailored services and a comprehensive array of shipping and cargo-related solutions. Catering to a diverse global clientele, including charterers, operators, ship owners, shippers, and receivers in the bulk tanker and tramp market.

As an independently owned and operated company, Poros Shipping consistently prioritizes their clients’ interests, ensuring prompt and efficient economic results.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Poros on the revamping of their logo, visual identity, infographics, and website.

Launch site

We distilled our guiding principles into five key words, which ultimately resulted in the design of a strong and adaptable logotype and emblem.

Taking cues from historical symbols found on ship smokestacks, we crafted a versatile logo that incorporates a monogram, a representation of the sea, and the golden hue of wheat, a vital global commodity.